Experimental Features

TIBCO ComputeDB 1.2.0 provides the following features on an experimental basis. These features are included only for testing purposes and are not yet supported officially:

Authorization for External Tables

You can enable authorization of external tables by setting the system property CHECK_EXTERNAL_TABLE_AUTHZ to true when the cluster's security is enabled. System admin or the schema owner can grant or revoke the permissions on external tables to other users. For example: GRANT ALL ON <external-table> to <user>;

Support ad-hoc, Interactive Execution of Scala code

You can execute Scala code using a new CLI script snappy-scala that is built with IJ APIs. You can also run it as an SQL command using prefix exec scala. The Scala code can use any valid/supported Spark API for example, to carry out custom data loading/transformations or to launch a structured streaming job. Since the code is submitted as an SQL command, you can now also use any SQL tool (based on JDBC/ODBC), including Notebook environments, to execute ad-hoc code blocks directly. Prior to this feature, apps were required to use the smart connector or use the TIBCO ComputeDB specific native Zeppelin interpreter. exec scala command can be secured using the SQL GRANT/REVOKE permissions. System admin (DB owner) can grant or revoke permissions for Scala interpreter privilege.

For more information refer to Executing Spark Scala Code using SQL