This procedure drops a table from the external catalog if it exists (without checking that the table exists in the catalog). However, it does not handle related policies and base tables; hence they must be dropped separately.

You must connect to the server from the Snappy shell, check the policies and base tables, and drop them separately.

// Viewing and dropping policies
DROP POLICY <policy name>;


call sys.REMOVE_METASTORE_ENTRY('<dbName>.<tableName>', '<forceDrop boolean>');


Considering the case when cluster fails to come up, and the log mentions the pattern: "AnalysisException: Table . might be inconsistent in hive catalog. Use system procedure SYS.REMOVE_METASTORE_ENTRY to remove inconsistency", then use the following steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Check if the server is running:

       cd $SNAPPY_HOME
  2. Launch Snappy shell and connect to the server:

        ./bin/snappy ;  connect client '<server hostname>:<server port>';
  3. Check and find if there are any policies on the table which caused catalog inconsistency and drop policies:

        DROP POLICY <policy name>;

4) Call the procedure to drop the table from the catalog:

        call sys.REMOVE_METASTORE_ENTRY('<dbName>.<tableName>', 'false');

5) Restart SnappyData cluster and check the status. The cluster starts successfully.