How to Stop a TIBCO ComputeDB Cluster

Stopping the Cluster

You can stop the cluster using the ./sbin/ command:

$ ./sbin/
The TIBCO ComputeDB Leader has stopped.
The TIBCO ComputeDB Server has stopped.
The TIBCO ComputeDB Locator has stopped.


Ensure that all write operations on column table have finished execution when you stop a cluster, else it can lead to a partial write.

Stopping Individual Components

Instead of stopping the TIBCO ComputeDB cluster using the script, individual components can be stopped on a system locally using the following commands:


All configuration parameters are provided as command line arguments rather than reading from a configuration file.

$ ./bin/snappy locator stop -dir=/node-a/locator1
$ ./bin/snappy server stop -dir=/node-b/server1
$ ./bin/snappy leader stop -dir=/node-c/lead1