Launching the Cluster in Secure Mode

TIBCO ComputeDB uses mutual authentication between the TIBCO ComputeDB locator and subsequent TIBCO ComputeDB members that boot and join the distributed system.

Authentication Properties

To enable LDAP authentication, set the following authentication properties in the configuration files conf/locators, conf/servers, and conf/leads files.

  • auth-provider: The authentication provider. Set the auth-provider property to LDAP, to enable LDAP for authenticating all distributed system members as well as clients to the distributed system.

  • server-auth-provider: Peer-to-peer authentication of cluster members is configured in the TIBCO ComputeDB cluster. You can set server-auth-provider property to NONE if you want to disable the peer-to-peer authentication.

  • user: The user name of the administrator starting the cluster

  • password: The password of the administrator starting the cluster

  • J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-server: Set this property to the URL to the LDAP server.

  • J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-base: Use this property to limit the search space used when TIBCO ComputeDB verifies a user login ID. Specify the name of the context or object to search, that is a parameter to

  • J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-dn: If the LDAP server does not allow anonymous binding (or if this functionality is disabled), specify the user distinguished name (DN) to use for binding to the LDAP server for searching.

  • J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-pw: The password for the LDAP search user which is used for looking up the DN indicated by configuration parameter Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-dn.

Example - Launching Locator in Secure Mode

In the below example, we are launching the locator in secure mode, which communicates with the LDAP server at localhost listening on port 389.

localhost -auth-provider=LDAP -user=snappy1 -password=snappy1  -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-server=ldap://localhost:389/  \
          -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-base=cn=sales-group,ou=sales,dc=example,dc=com \
          -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-dn=cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com \


You must specify gemfirexd.auth-ldap-* properties as Java system properties by prefixing '-J-D'.

If you use SSL-encrypted LDAP and your LDAP server certificate is not recognized by a valid Certificate Authority (CA), you must create a local trust store for each TIBCO ComputeDB member and import the LDAP server certificate to the trust store. See the document on Creating a Keystore for more information.

Specify the and system properties when you start individual TIBCO ComputeDB members. For example:

localhost -auth-provider=LDAP -user=snappy1 -password=snappy1  -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-server=ldap://localhost:389/  \
    -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-server=ldaps://ldapserver:636/ -user=user_name -password=user_pwd \
        -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-dn=cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com \
        -J-Dgemfirexd.auth-ldap-search-base=cn=sales-group,ou=sales,dc=example,dc=com \ \ and must be specified as Java system properties (using the -J option on the Snappy Shell).