Recovering from Disk Full Errors

If a member of your TIBCO ComputeDB distributed system fails due to a disk full error condition, add or make additional disk capacity available and attempt to restart the member normally. If the member does not restart and there is a redundant copy of its tables in a disk store on another member, you can restore the member using the following steps:

  1. Delete or move the disk store files from the failed member.

  2. Revoke the member using the revoke-disk-store command.


    This can cause some loss of data if the revoked disk store actually contains recent changes to the data dictionary or to table data. The revoked disk stores cannot be added back to the system later. If you revoke a disk store on a member you need to delete the associated disk files from that member in order to start it again. Only use the revoke-missing-disk-store command as a last resort. Contact Support, if you need to use the revoke-missing-disk-store command

  3. Restart the member.