Collecting System Statistics

Enable TIBCO ComputeDB system statistics using a system procedure, member boot properties, or connection properties.

You can enable statistics collection per-member using the boot properties:


You must include the statistic-archive-file and specify a valid file name in order to enable statistics collection.

These boot properties help you configure a member's statistic archive file location and size:

To collect statement-level statistics and time-based, statement-level statistics for a specific connection (rather than globally or per-member), use these connection properties with a peer client connection:

These properties can only be used with a peer client connect.


  • Because of the overhead required for taking many timestamps, it is recommended that you enable time-based statistics only during testing and debugging.

  • Use statement-level statistics only when the number of individual statements is small, such as when using prepared statements. TIBCO ComputeDB creates a separate statistics instance for each individual statement.