Specifies whether load balancing is performed for the JDBC/ODBC client connection. With the default value ("true") clients are automatically connected to a less-loaded server if the locators are used for member discovery.


  • Load balancing is provided only for TIBCO ComputeDB distributed systems that use locators for member discovery.

  • When load balancing is enabled, clients may not be able to connect to a specific server even if they provide that server's unique port number for client connections. As a best practice, clients should always request connections using a locator address and port when load balancing is enabled.

With 1.1.0 release, the load-balance is set to false by default, when you connect to a server's hostname:port. And it is set to true, when you connect to a locator's hostname:port. The locator then redirects the client to a less-loaded server with which the client makes the connection. With 1.2.0 release, same behavior is implemented for ODBC driver as well.


You must specify load-balance=true in ODBC properties, if the locator address and port is provided.

For example:

snappy> connect client 'server_hostname:1527;load-balance=false'

Default Value


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