CREATE FUNCTION udf_name AS qualified_class_name RETURNS data_type USING JAR '/path/to/file/udf.jar'


Creates a function. Users can define a function and completely customize how TIBCO ComputeDB evaluates data and manipulates queries using UDF and UDAF functions across sessions. The definition of the functions is stored in a persistent catalog, which enables it to be used after node restart as well.

You can extend any one of the interfaces in the package These interfaces can be included in your client application by adding snappy-spark-sql_2.11-2.0.3-2.jar to your classpath.


For input/output types:
The framework always returns the Java types to the UDFs. So, if you are writing scala.math.BigDecimal as an input type or output type, an exception is reported. You can use java.math.BigDecimal in the SCALA code.

Return Types to UDF Program Type Mapping

TIBCO ComputeDB Type UDF Type
STRING java.lang.String
INTEGER java.lang.Integer
LONG java.lang.Long
DOUBLE java.lang.Double
DECIMAL java.math.BigDecimal
DATE java.sql.Date
TIMESTAMP java.sql.Timestamp
FLOAT java.lang.Float
BOOLEAN java.lang.Boolean
SHORT java.lang.Short
BYTE java.lang.Byte
CHAR java.lang.String
VARCHAR java.lang.String


CREATE FUNCTION APP.strnglen AS some.package.StringLengthUDF RETURNS Integer USING JAR '/path/to/file/udf.jar'

You can write a JAVA or SCALA class to write an UDF implementation.

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