You can use the EXPORT_DDLs system procedure to export table definitions in text format. The EXPORT_DDLs system procedure takes a single argument, exportURI. You can provide any spark supported URI such as s3, local path, or HDFS. All the DDLs such as TABLE, VIEW, DATABASE, FUNCTION, DEPLOY, ALTER, UPDATE, GRANT are exported to a text file in exportURI with the name part-00000. Verify there are respective DDLs in the generated file for all the tables shown on the UI.


The directory created is of the pattern <exportURI_TimeInMillis>.


call sys.EXPORT_DDLS('<exportURI>');


call sys.EXPORT_DDLS('/home/xyz/extracted/ddls');

Folder Structure

ls /home/xyz/extracted/ddls_1571059691610/
part-00000  _SUCCESS

Reloading extracted DDLs
run ‘/home/xyz/extracted/ddls_1571059691610/part-00000’;

For statistics search the leader log for message Successfully exported <N> DDL statements.