connect client


CONNECT CLIENT 'host:port[;property=value]*' [ AS connectionName ]


Uses the JDBC TIBCO ComputeDB thin client driver to connect to a TIBCO ComputeDB member indicated by the host:port values. You can specify an optional name for your connection. Use the set connection to switch between multiple connections. If you do not name a connection, the system generates a name automatically.

If the connection requires a user name and password, supply those with the optional properties.

If the connect succeeds, the connection becomes the current one and snappy displays a new prompt for the next command to be entered. If you have more than one open connection, the name of the connection appears in the prompt.

All further commands are processed against the new, current connection.


TIBCO ComputeDB version 1.2.0 
snappy> connect client 'localhost:1527' as clientConnection;
snappy> show connections;
CLIENTCONNECTION* -     jdbc:snappydata:thrift://localhost[1527]
* = current connection